Thursday, April 19, 2012

!00! No, oops, 99.

I was all set to invent some kind of 100 FOLLOWERS celebration-

and then I lost one today.  

So back to 99.   Dangit!  It was surely something I said. 

Do I care?  Yes.  Strangely.  But that's life.  I don't like what everyone has to say, either. 

So, back to waiting for one more follower! 



  1. I just joined so you could be 100, but it didn't change the member number yet.
    Wouldn't want to leave a fellow Okie one short. Have a nice day.

    1. lol

      thank you so much! On to planning the celebration! hahaha

      that's very nice of you!


  2. Too late!!!! You're now at 101 - you'll have to celebrate at 200 now lol. Pxx

  3. Ugh, just for a moment I was feeling very powerful and was considering my demands which, if met, would stop me removing myself from your followers list. But I see I've missed my moment.

    Oh well, I'll go back to being one of the many ;o)

  4. up to 102 now.. guess it worked to post about it! lol isn't it awesome to get on and see you have a new follower or two!? i love it! :)

  5. WooHoo! Up to 102! I think the way some peeps get more followers is to bribe them with blog could try that! I like comments to my posts but my 200+ are lazy like me and don't say much. Congrats!

  6. Will you write MY blog for me? My goal for this year is 100 followers, and I have half that. ;) Congrats, dear! :)

  7. Happens to me all the time! No worries Kory, you have some amazing followers!