Monday, April 9, 2012

Life Lessons

I've learned so much in my decades here on Earth.  Do you capitalize 'Earth?'  I'm guessing you we're gonna go with it-


First of all- it surprises me that I can say 'decades.'  Sadly, it's been more than two.  Wait.  No, not sadly.  Surprisingly.  

So what have I learned?  Lots of stuff!  I'm going to begin sharing lessons with you all.  Starting here, starting now.

Number one is 'never be the only guy in the office.'  Trust me.  If you get a job offer, and you'll be the only male in the office:  TURN AND RUN.  If you aren't singled out for the torture, then you'll just be caught in the crossfire when they turn on each other.

Number two is JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.  Because they run out.

Number three:  Making your own transparencies/overlays!  From a beautiful blog called PaperVine.  Click here:  DIY Acetate Sheets.

Number four:  MAKING beautiful paper flowers!  I love this tutorial.  From the great Paul, at The Artsiders.  Click HERE and see a new world open in your mind!

Well, that's all that I've got for tonight...



  1. I love Number ONE! I somehow ended up being the only Gal in the office with a couple of men that are more sensitive than women!

  2. Aww shucks, I'm honoured, flattered and grinning like a cheshire cat here. Thanks for the lovely compliment. Sending you a virtual bear hug xx.

    And though I'm the only male at work - being self-employed - I do attend craft groups where i'm the only guy. Thankfully, I'm thick skinned and can hold my own. To say they aren't threatened by my manly presence is a whopping understatement lol.

    And I'm envious of you Nichole - I'd happily surround myself with sensitive men lol :)


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  4. You CRACK. ME. UP!! :) I'm one of just a couple of women in my office, and they are old, unhappy, crankypants beoytches. Glad they work FAR away from me ... but they are still highly unpleasant when they come around. Hang in there!!

  5. LOL thank you for the laugh! I'm gonna check out the links-I love new ideas! :) Good luck at work!

  6. OMG! ROFLMAO!!! I agree 100% with number one. Try being the boss over a bunch of women. I enjoyed working with men cause the got in your face told you what pissed them off and got on with life. Some of the women thought something was unfair and would bitch and gripe about it between themselves till I was ready to wring their necks! BTW! I could kill you for telling me about the Washi tape at Michael's as I spent way too much money and ought several rolls! You should come crop with us at Leslie's Friday night! Thanks for visiting my desk this week.

  7. lol okienurse, dont kill him hes pretty funny!