Monday, April 16, 2012

Bargain City!

I'm sure that all you classy people out there have subscribed to MICHAELS 'Daily Deals' emails- but I can't help but spread good news.  Or bad news.  I'm talkative that way.

BUT TODAY, MONDAY APRIL 16:  ALL 12X12 PAPER PADS ARE 50% OFF.  (Also, the Recollections brands of 180-sheet and 240-sheet paper pads are 50% off all week..)


You know where I'm going to go to at lunch?  That's right.  MICHAELS.   Because I need more paper that's 'too nice to use.' 

ALSO on sale- ALL WEEK, not just today only- the RECOLLECTIONS brand of WASHI TAPE is FIFTY PERCENT OFF!   So, 2.50 for three rolls.  That's a bargain.  That's about 84 cents A ROLL. 

See y'all, I've got a mere ninety minutes until my lunch hour and my TRIP TO BARGAIN CITY!



  1. I can't wait to see what you buy! :) Have Fun I think some scrappy shopping is in store for me today as well!

  2. I saw that sale in my email, too!! Hope you find some awesome stuff, Kory! I need more washi tape..I need to make a Michael's run, too!

  3. Have fun Kory, went yesterday and got a MS punch for 4 dollars that was in the final sale bin, regular 17 bucks!!! Crazy eh? Gonna go check out those washi tapes! Have fun!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. I wish Michael's was not so far away from me... or maybe I'm better off that way?? Have fun sale shopping... it's the best.

  5. UGH... It'd take me 90 minutes to drive to the nearest Michael's or Hobby Lobby :( I guess it's probably helping me save money that way! LOL

  6. I'm going to stop on my way home and see if they FINALLY put the Doodlebug out yet. I was a little snippy with the cashier on Friday when it still wasn't out ... :)

  7. Kory, I am on a budget until Thursday (my payday) and I said I cannot buy anything until then. Shop for me lol :)