Friday, November 16, 2012

Pardon me, I've gone CRICUT CRAZY!


Yeahp- you saw that right- I'm shouting, not just typing all in CAPS, email-from-Mom-style.

Why am I so Cricut-Crazy tonight?

Maybe you're something like me- prone to excitement, a tad obsessive and suffering from a severe case of SILHOUETTE envy.

You know what SILHOUETTE envy is-  it's the feeling you get when you're cruising the scrapblogs with your mouth open, drooling a bit over all the classy cuts the Silhouette can do...

Then, you turn to your Cricut.  It's sittin' at its spot.  Staring at you, like a kid with a runny nose.

Before I get too far with my story, let's take a trip down memory lane.

I got my first Cricut a little over a year ago.  It was the 'baby' Cricut.  Is that the Cricut Create?  The Cricut Personal Cutter?  I can't remember its official name and I'm too lazy to open a new tab on the old browser here and Google it- but you know what I'm talking about- the 'baby' Cricut that cuts on those 6x12 mats.  Yeah, that one.

I didn't buy my Cricut at a store.  I got it from a scrappy co-worker, who had recently upgraded to the Expression.  I kinda lucked into CricutLand.  She even gave me a cartridge (Home Accents).  My first Cricut and my first cartridge!  What a day!  Because I have such an obsessive personality, I didn't have 'just one cartridge' for long.  That evening, I was combing Wal-Marts and lucked into a couple of 'lite' cartridges in the clearance aisle for 7.00 each.  I also scored DON JUAN.  I'm guessing someone tore up the box for the Cricut machine it was packaged with- as an employee had found it and it's keypad overlay and taped them together.  The cashier didn't know what to do with a box-less, no book-no machine cartridge so she let me have it for 7.00, too.

I was hooked!  I loved cutting things out.  I'd cut things out just to watch the machine cut them out.  When I saw (about two months later) that MICHAELS was going to sell the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW and beautiful CRICUT EXPRESSION 2 at their 'open at 4pm on Thanksgiving DAY sale,' I took that as a sign that YES, I must buy it...  So, after Thanksgiving din-din, I bugged my Mom into braving Michaels with me.  And BRAVING, it was.  The place was packed.  And crazy.  As I cruised aisles with my CE2 in my cart, no less than SEVEN women started up conversations with me by saying, 'Ohhhhh! You're gonna make a girl happy on Christmas DAYYYYY!'

Yeah.  No less than SEVEN women assumed I was there to buy the thing for a lucky little lady back home.  The first lady, I crushed her excitement by exclaiming, "WHAT? WHO? HUH?  WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKIN' BOUT?!  THIS BE MINES!"  She looked as if I'd hit her with her own knock-off Coach bag.  Huhhhhhh?  I didn't know it provided a vicarious thrill, imagining another lady opening up a Cricut on Christmas morning.

So, the rest, I allowed their joy.  I told great stories.  Nice stories, too.  Nice, sweet stories.  Even while I fought the urge to make up a story like, "Yeah, I'm trying to make it up to her, for sleeping with her sister- hope the new Cricut does the trick!"

Wow- how I digress.

Anyways.  I ended up being the head of a two Cricut household.

But shortly after my big CE2 purchase, I began seeing all these Silhouette cuts on all these kick-ass layouts.  Dangit.

I started shopping for a Silhouette.  No store carried this elusive thing.  I don't know if you're like me and/or I don't know if you know this about me- but I HATE to order things online.  I hate paying for something and waiting for it to arrive.  I go crazy.  And then I usually end up needing a vacation day from work on the scheduled delivery day so that I don't have to risk the mailman putting a slip of paper into my mailbox cuz the box was too big and THEN HAVE TO WAIT LONGER TIL I CAN MAKE IT TO THE POST OFFICE DURING THE TEN MINUTES THEY'RE OPEN WHEN I'M NOT AT WORK to pick up my treasures.  Therefore- I've remained Silhouette-less.

But this week, something magical happened.

I began to USE my CE2 again.  While cruising online for Cricut tips, I downloaded the newest Cricut Craft Room software onto my MacBook.  I know this isn't a brand new thing and you're probably gonna shout "WHAT'S NEW AND EXCITING ABOUT THAT?!"

Well, it's NEW to me.  Not so new to me, as I used the 'online only web version' a tiny bit, in the past, while pretending to be working but really just playing at the office.  But now, with the app on my computer- I had a brainstorm.  A real hurricane.  (Sorry, East coast.)

See that?!  Silhouette style frames with attached WORDS!  Yeah!  And IT'S EASY!  Click on an image.  Resize it.  Size it.  Weld letters to it.  Make a new shape by sticking another shape on its side.  (Note to my readers: going forward, I have changed the terminology.  'Sticking' means 'welding.'

And there's those cute little effers all cut out.  I'm in love.

Couldn't stop cutting all night.  There's an arrow with a word attached! 

And...well, I'll stop with the show-n-tell, now.  It just kinda went on like that for hours and hours- 'designing' in the Cricut Craft Room, cutting and squealing like a pig in CARRIE.

Thank you, Cricut Craft Room.  You made me love my Cricut again.  I still want a Silhouette.  Sure, I do.  But I no longer feel like the ugliest scrapper at the crop.



  1. I have a eClips that I love because of the eCal software that came bundled with it. I have never even used the cartridge that was included. Everything I have ever cut has been something I have drawn myself in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an .SVG file. It is great. I can even create my own "print2cut" files. I am using it extensively for my Christmas cards this year. I am cutting out a Tim Holtz Santa and "Merry Christmas" that I traced myself. Who needs a $60 cartridge when you can do it yourself! I will probably take photos of the cards in process this weekend and will post them on my blog. You will have to check it out.


  2. I love my Silhouette I almost was thinking about buying the curicut but looked into the Silhouette Cameo and bought it. It a good fit for me and love how the thing cuts to the little detail. You crack me up with your post, lol. I bet if you had the last machine in stock I bet the ladies would try to sweet talk ya into giving it up to them, lol. jk. Now what I see you cut with your Circut you have me wanting to get back into the playing with differet words and shapes. Have a good weekend. Don't play too hard! ;) :P

  3. Love your blog and I can totally relate to this post as I've been contemplating replacing my little Cricut for a Silhouette just for the cute cuts you have gotta go and downlaod CCR and figure this out!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yep, I did the same thing with my Gypsy putting name on it. So awesome!

  5. This Cricut stuff is a total mystery to me but I really enjoyed reading this post!

  6. I'm feeling left out. Am I the only guy without a cutter :( Love what you're doing with it. Glad you've taken it out again. Thoses frames are GORGEOUS!!!! And I love the tale of being assumed you were buying for 'her indoors'. Had that happen to me a few times too. Don't ask me why but I get a tiny thrill asking at the counter if i can try the nail polish on in the make up departments. It's my homage to Torch Song Trilogy when they waltz into the shops looking for frocks. But I'm prattling on. Can't wait to see more of your creative talents with your machine. Pxx

  7. LMAO! I'm so glad that you are able to cut things as you want them! No more Cameo-envy! :) But, I'll still let you come over and use mine anytime! :)

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    1. Glad you are enjoying your Cricut again! I teach Cricut classes at Michaels and I love it! I guess I shouldn't tell you Michaels is getting the Cameo. Oops! Enabler alert!! (or may already have it depending on what area you're in) Happy crafting!