Friday, November 2, 2012

does anyone still wear a hat?

A few days ago, the lovely lady who worked on the recent production of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH with me posted on Facebook- looking for ideas on what to wear to a semi-formal steampunk themed masquerade birthday party.  A party happening this Saturday night.  My mind immediately sparked up- I've got gears and clocks and assorted bits shooting out my @$$! 

I know what you're thinking-  lovely language, Kory- but isn't this supposed to be a craft blog?

I offered to help and instanly thought A FASCINATOR!

She delivered a 'mini-bowler hat' that she found at a costume shop and I dragged out anything that looked appropriately steamy.

And here's what I came up with:

I cut the gears with the Tim Holtz GADGET GEARS die to use as a base- I embossed them with some aged copper embossing powder, then layered clock faces, game spinners, some random gear charms and a metal hand from my 'embellishment bin.'  I made spirals of copper wire by twisting it around pencils then stretching it out a bit...

I even sewed a new trim around the brim of the hat.  It's a nice lookin' trim, ain't it?  Would you guess I found it for 1.00 in a bin at Michaels? 

I've discovered a few things while making this hat:

1)  I LOVE making hats.
2)  I need to use my metal bits more- there's no sense hoarding them in their little labeled bins, is there?
3)  God bless you, Glossy Accents.  You hold like a mother.



  1. Blimey there's not end to your creative talents Kory. Glad to find you love making them cos I'd certainly love to see more examples in the future. i bet there's some fantastically quirky designs just waiting to be made by your fair hands. Pxx

  2. WOW That is one awesome hat Kory! I have a lot of red or purple hats that I bought when I was really active in the Red Hat Society. I have thought about 'doctoring' them up and making them my own too. You know if you don't use your bits more you lose them as you age!!!

  3. LOL You always make me laugh.. THANK YOU!!! And this hat is AWESOME!!! I LOVE it!!! Amazing work!

  4. Really aswesome... I like the clock and wheels cuts on the hat very interesting.

  5. This is awesome! Love it! :)

  6. Kory, you are so creative! Great job!!

  7. I have a THING about hats! I think I might need to investigate a fascinator now to turn into something like this, then I need to create an event to wear it to!

  8. Wow, that is absolutely crazy awesome!!!! :) Love it!