Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jo-Ann be JUMPIN!

Reporting LIVE from JO-Ann Fabric and Crafts! Twenty people in line. Store out of control. Their corporate geniuses have somehow, someway biologically engineered their product to JUMP OFF SHELVES AND INTO YOUR BASKET. They baskets must have mutated, on their own. I didn't even have a basket and one rolled up to me ON ITS OWN just as product started jumping in OF ITS OWN VOLITION!

Lady in Papercraft aisle tried to help me by tossing a 25% off entire purchase into my hands before she tried to escape.

Okay, now to make it through the line and into the safety of the parking lot where I must wait for my cousin, eh just called me, requesting help buying CLOTHES. Why is my cousin lost and naked and needing me to run into Target to buy clothes?! Is this the beginning of the end or just the good times that run in my family? More later! Tim Holtz reindeer die is flying into my cart!


  1. Does there happen to be a basket with my name on it that somehow manages to wrap itself into a parcel and post itself to the UK? lol :) Great haul there. Wish I could tip it out onto the floor and roll around in it. Pxx

  2. Yes Kory I just bought a bunch of the new Basic Grey myself!

  3. LOL Same thing happened to me on Friday!!! It was insanity!

  4. Oh!!! But the cashier.. who was just awesome.. used a bunch of coupons and saved me $50!!! Can't beat that!! It was worth it .. just to save $50 LOL!!!

  5. Some more goodies... Lucky you are you going to sent some goodies to your followers? lol. Hope your week going well.