Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, last night, I was cruising around MICHAELS.  You know, how I like to do...  I spent some time checking out Martha Stewart's Christmas stuff - they're stocking all of her Christmas 'paper tape,' which thrilled me.  I headed over to shake down the SMASH book endcap, hoping to find the new '365' SMASH book.  They didn't have it, yet.  I turned around, a bit sad- but then: OH! Look!  MICHAELS has their own brand of SMASH books.  Yeah, they're not SMASH books- it's like when you go to Walgreens, to buy some Benadryl, cause you can't sleep and your Doctor is on to you and cut you off the sleeping pills so you're making your own with Benadryl and Budweiser beer- but instead of buying Benadryl, you buy Waladryl, cuz it's the same thing but cheaper.  I'm not making any sense at all- I guess what I thought I was going to explain was that MICHAELS has a 'store brand' SMASH book, now. 

But I don't even want to say it is a 'generic' SMASH book. 

Cuz it's better. 

It's the new CREATIVE CHAOS line from MICHAELS.  And it's beautiful.  I love all of their books.  I love that they're BINDERS instead of spiral bound.  I love the papers.  And isn't the name great?  Creative Chaos.  Love it.

Check out this one:

photo from MICHAELS.COM

Classy, huh?

They have a nice range of embellishments, cardstock stacks- everything.  Go check it out.  You won't be disappointed.  Well, if you are, there's something wrong with you.

I picked up a pack of these Polaroid-style frames:

photo from MICHAELS.COM
They're nice, sturdy thick chipboard.  And they're left plain.  Which I loved.  I love them as they are- but you could definitely add some design to them if you wanted them a bit more flashy.  I usually prefer my embellishments how I like my strippers:  totally nude.  That way, if you want to add something you can.  But once they're covered in glitter, it's all over.

I also like that the frames are left plain because of the tragedy that often befalls product too heavily decorated.  The frames are so nice- plain and sturdy- that I must give credit to the creative director or either prevented (or wasn't demanding enough to think they needed) pre-printed sayings like 'INSTANT PHOTO VINTAGE LOVE!' or even the dreaded LIVE LAUGH LOVE across the bottom.

My other favorite Creative Chaos embellishment pack that I picked up?  This nice set of envelopes in WAIT FOR IT:  KRAFT! 

photo from MICHAELS.COM
Yeahhhhh.  Two styles of sexxxy kraft envelopes.  For 3.99.  That's a bargain, dammit.

Get out to MICHAELS and pick up this stuff before the holiday shoppers pick the place clean!

I'll be back, soon, with my SUPER CHRISTMAS BANNER GOOD TIMES!



  1. Wowza - what a find!!!!! I've succumbed and bought a Smash book but it's definitely not as fabulous as your purchase. Ah you have an eye for only the best stash!!! Px

    1. Paul! I miss you!

      Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Smash and all the SMASH accessories. A little too much. I own the entire line. Why? I don't know. I just do these things. I have the black book and the 'mini' Smash album. And I love them both...

      Come over and play papers with me!

  2. I did not see those but I saw the Hello Kitty "Smash" line.

  3. Wow nice I heard of "Smash" book wanted to try it out. But new to the scrapbook world. I might try it one of these days. I like the plain style frames. I am like you where I like stuff like photo frames or envelopes. Because you can try to be more creative and think of your own design and style. I am more of a simple scrapbooker. But I really want to get those washi decortive tape. I think those are cool.

  4. Fantastic find Kory! Hope you are well and cannot wait to see what you create with your new stash!

    Hugs! Frank

  5. Kory, I love you. I am laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my face!!! :) I started to pick up the exact same poloroid frames and kraft pockets, but put them back since I can cut the same thing with my Cameo. We need to go shopping again sometime, or just hang out and get drunk. Either way, I miss ya! :)

    1. "I can cut the same thing with my Cameo."

      MY, AINT WE GRAND?! hehehe

      I love you, too!!! PLEASE let's go shopping again soon!!! If your plans for the weekend don't happen, meet me at My Heart's Fancy for DEMO DAY and binge shopping! I might head over to Paper Arts, after, too. You know I love to buy supplies. And then hoard them.

      I'm also ALWAYS up for getting drunk. Let's host "DRUNK SCRAPPING: Live! With Kory & Tanya!" I'm thinking, since everyone else and they Auntie have a 'show' online, we should too!


    2. I'm down for Drunk Scrapping!!! :) I have actually found that percocet makes me very creative ... much more so than rum or tequila! LMAO!! :)

      I am not sure about this weekend, it really depends on what happens Friday with the new puppy dog. If we decide to adopt her, we'll need to be home and help her adjust to her new surroundings. Wonder if anything good will be going on next weekend for Black Friday and all?!? ;)

  6. Ah Mah Gahd! You so crack me up: "I usually prefer my embellishments how I like my strippers: totally nude." You're funny AND you've got mad skills. Keep up the good work!

  7. Kory, you totally crack me up! We have to for real meet sometime and hang out. I think your drunk scrappin would be so funny. I got an Art Journal to start putting some of my creativity techniques in, like playing w Dyan inks. It would definitely help those flow.

  8. Kory- you can do like i did and order the 365 SMASH from Cassie at Paper Issues...not quite the same as using a 40% coupon BUT if it helps, use the code PEGGLES and you can get 20% off!