Monday, May 21, 2012

Sickness and Shopping

I am surrounded by sickness! 

I am sure that's a line from a play or movie or something.  Doesn't it sound dramatic?  "I AM SURROUNDED BY SICKNESS!" 

I could just be imagining that it's from something-  I do that, often.  I'll say something that sounds horribly dramatic and think it's from some Academy Award winning performance- but it turns out it's just a bad line from my tv-movie-of-the-week-style life. 

So, yeah-  I got sick.  It was dramatic.  I know how to sell a cough to the balcony. 

I ended up needing to go to visit the DOCTOR.  I had a sinus infection.  And I had to have a shot.  Which, when they asked me if I was going to be okay getting the shot- I was like, 'Yeah, sure.'  Shots don't bother me. 

What I learned is:  SHOTS don't bother me, as long as I can see where the needle is going.

So, after a shot....some pills....and a (too small) bottle of fantastic liquid medicine- and lots of rest, I was ready to reenter society. 

Saturday, I went to DEMO DAY at My Heart's Fancy-  made a fun card in the shape of a birdhouse, using some new dies, Mr. Holtz's new SPRING Distress Ink colors, and that fun 'kissing' stamps technique.  Which, I read a tutorial about in a magazine, recently and really wanted to try- but forgot about it until Saturday morning.

Headed up to Jo-Ann yesterday-  in the rain.  It was great- there was hardly any traffic, so the drive was fast and relaxing.  It's amazing how relaxing a drive to Jo-Ann can be, when you don't have to spend the entire drive honking, screaming and waving your hands at other drivers.

What did I see when I entered the Papercrafting Aisle at Jo-Ann?

50% off!  Half off nearly everything in these holy aisles. 

I bought:

Two new sets of Spellbinders! FITTY OFF!
The Tim Holtz 'Old Jalopy' Die- 10 bucks! (No clue what I'll do with it?!)
I GOT A NEW, big-ass Fiskars paper trimmer! Huge! With a wire to show exactly where it'll cut- FITTY OFF!!!

and I picked up lots of little things (ALL *HALF* OFF!!!) that I'd kinda wanted/needed- such as:


...and a few other odds 'n ends- but that's the highlight. 

So what's the purpose of this story? 

When you get sick, you sometimes NEED to go to the doctor.  Then, you go to Jo-Ann and buy anything you want....


  1. SO so glad that you feel better Kory! We've missed you around here! heheh Awesome deals! You were sick and still beat me to the punch. I just got back from Js and saw the deals! I was thinking I would beat you to the post :( hahahah But I am super glad you are feeling better! :)

  2. Oh Kory, I am glad you feel better friend, being sick stinks, especially when you don't know what to do about it, when I get sick my world crumbles, I lay in bed hopeless lol but I whine a lot so its all drama, lol, what great buys! Hope you have some fun with them!


  3. So glad you're feeling better Kory! We missed you here! heheh amazing deals! Have you been sick and I still beat boxing.

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  4. Holy crap! The JoAnn in Norman doesn't look ANYTHING like that wall-o-goodness!!! :) I'm definitely going to have to make a trek that way!

  5. Glad you are better after being shot up....and pills.. hmmmmmmm! Off to JoAnn's tomorrow I am. Just didn't want to leave all my boring housework today.