Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BasicGrey: CLIPPINGS: Sneek Peek!

designed by: Kelly Goree
photo from BasicGrey:

 What's this uproar you're hearing about BasicGrey's new collection?   You mean you haven't heard anything yet?  What do you do all day?  Yeah, there's an uproar!  And the classy little beast in the center of the commotion is BasicGrey's new collection, 'CLIPPINGS.'

I'm sorry if I sound as if I'm going overboard- but I can't find enough worthy adjectives to describe my infautuation with this line.  BasicGrey describes the impressive new collection as reading 'like a mystery novel you can't put down.'  I promise you, BG, I won't be putting the collection down.  I will be buying it up and hoarding so much of it that A&E will be knocking down my door to film an episode of HOARDERS.

Well?  Have you seen the sneak peek the geniuses at the BasicGrey blog just posted?  It's amazing.  There's some vintage menswear fabric inspired sexiness, some board game inspired fun, and on top of that, vintage postal (not in the crazy way) hotness.  On top of the patterned paper - there's some outstanding chipboard shapes and alphas, wooden buttons, flags and banners - AND-  (wait for it, catch your breath) MINI ENVELOPES that look better than I do on a Saturday night after three drinks.

Check it out



  1. weird i could have sworn i posted a comment about misting.

  2. where the heck did clippings go??? when i click on your links i get paper cottage!! uggghhh! lol

    1. ummm.. ooops.. i guess you need to be smarter than the webpage. rofl! it was there... i just didnt scroll down far enough.

  3. You're absolutely right - Basic Grey are definitely a company to be excited about!!! And I guess my head must have been somewhere dark, because I hadn't heard about this new release. Loving the sneak peeks so far. Just the kind of muted colours I drool over. :) Px

  4. Kory, you have now made me want to run off and buy this collection!!! Its sooo amazing and awesome!!! Thank You for sharing it as I had not seen it, its super amazing, love those envelopes and the banners OMG I am in love!!! DROOL!!!

    Hugs! Frank