Friday, May 11, 2012

Where's Kory?!

Believe me, I don't really know where I am...

Am I at the office?  The theatre?  My bed?  At 7-11, fighting hobos for my own spare change so I can buy more candy?

It's been a crazy week-  I started back to work in SHOW BUSINESS.  I'm stage managing a new play, and it's so much work that my fingers hurt from rubbing them against a big pink rubber eraser in frustration.   Yes.  During last night's rehearsal, out of stress and trying to stay away, I was rubbing my finger so hard against one of those old school erasers that I've given myself a blister.  It. Hurts. To. Type. 

That's me, though.   Always a martyr.  Watch for the TV movie about my life, "TYPING THROUGH THE PAIN: The Kory K. Story."

I did manage to make it down to the Hob Lobs last weekend.  I think it was last weekend.  It's all a blur, ladies and gentlemen. 

While digging through a mountain of clearance at Hobby Lobby (nothing good this time) and 'doing inventory' in the Tim Holtz section, I caught a glimpse of some new stamps and thought I'd share-  they're pretty good looking and priced nicely!

The moustache is cute- very similar to the moustache from Stampers Anonymous that I have, but different enough to make me still want it-

Others that caught my eye: the phone, camera, pocketwatch and typewriter.  But I have about seven or eight 'vintage typewriter' stamps- so I might let this one rest on the shelves.  I did snatch up the camera, though. Won't it look great on the bottom right corner of a mini-album?  Yeah!  I thought so, too!

Okay, that's it for now- I've got tons of work to do, then rehearsal 7-10, then hopefully- lots of sleep before I drag my tore up self up to a scrapbook store or two, tomorrow morning! 



  1. Lots of my favorite bloggers have been missing this week. I figured all were worn out from all the Scrappin from last weekend's celebrations. I'm not much of a stamper but like vintage ones. Take care: that schedule sounds exhausting.

  2. Oohh I'd buy all of them if I was a) there & b) loaded haha. So glad you're typing through the pain to give us, your adoring public, it's dose of Kory. The show must go on!!!!! Despite the agony and the long hours, it sounds like you're having an exciting time at work. Better than my dreary job, sat in front of a computer monitor for hours on end. Have a fabulous weekend. I'm off to a stamp fair, so hoping to spend a few pennies myself. Pxxxxxx

  3. Love the "wings" And yes I have missed you, havent seen you on the boards.

  4. Hi Kory!
    I saw some of those stamps at Hobby Lobby, too! I haven't bought any..yet, but want to! lol I just won stamps over at the I {Heart} Ippity blog can't wait to see what's in my grab bag! After I get those I will probably make a trip back to HL. I hope you get through the rest of the afternoon/evening okay and have a fun day shopping tomorrow!


  5. I've been wondering about you, and worried you'd finally snapped and done something to that awful co-worker and been hauled away by the authorities! LMAO!! ;) Anywhoo ... I thought about you today when I stopped at "Da Hob Lobs" on my way home. I noticed Paper Studio has come out with TH knock-offs, and they're all on sale this week. I don't know about the quality, but they look identical. You need to check it out! :) Take care!!! xoxo


      I'll do an in-depth study tomorrow morning!!!

      and no, I'm not in prison yet!

    2. Paper studio stuff like TH? Please tell me, and thanks in advance!!

  6. I'm in tears over here because I don't have a Hob Lobs and I NEED those stamps. ALL of them. I don't know why that stupid mixer one is so intriguing to me, but I NEED it.

  7. If you like the moustache stamp, you might be interested to know I jsut ordered a pack of 5 moustache stamps by Inkadinkado from for less than $2!
    Just thought I would enable! I have not found them in the store, just on line but HAD to have them! Now I am thinking I need some black or brown flock for them!