Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh, hi! Happy Mother's Day!

Well?  It's 7:10amCST.  Was I the first to wish you a Happy Mother's Day?!  No?  What do you mean your kid woke you up with a plate of undigestable 'Cowboy Surprise,' at 5:30am?  Don't you strap them to the beds at night?  How'd they get out?!

Yeah, I know- nothing as old as a MOMMIE DEAREST joke, but really?  What a hilarious movie that was-  I mean, depending on who's side you're on...   Myself, I'm with Joan.  I don't believe for a minute she did anything so much as ground those little steak-haters.  Every TIME I see Christina refuse to eat that deliciously bloody steak, I just scream at the TV:  DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!  I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT STEAK WAS UNTIL I WAS FOURTEEN!

Anyways.  Sorry about that...  I'm back.  I'm centered.  I'm focused.

So, I went on a little round about the town shopping spree yesterday.  I left the home with all intentions of going straight to MY HEART'S FANCY - but instead, I got on the phone with Holly Busch, missed an exit, said FORGET IT and went to Da HobLobs (Hobby Lobby) and the 'brand new' Jo-Ann!   Also, I got such a late start that I was worried about being able to make it up to Edmond (where My Heart's Fancy is) and back to downtown in time for rehearsal at 1pm.

What was I on the lookout for?  Some Spellbinders.  I saw a card online that I really liked, and knew from that moment-  I GOTTA GET LABELS2.

Well, neither Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby had it-  and they didn't have anything else that caught my eye, but after combing the store to keep an eye on inventory, I realized I HAVE GOT TO GET DOWNTOWN!

Yes,  I am still stage managing.  The play previews on 31MAY and opens the next day.  Wanna come to the preview?  I'll let you know details.  Rehearsal was pretty tough.  And made tougher due to the fact that I had a pack of Spellbinders on my back...

Oh yeah!  Did I tell you that I finally got a new cell phone?  I did.  I got the iPhone 4S.  I'd been wanting an iPhone for the longest time.  And for one reason only.  Well, two reasons.  The second reason, I'll go into later- as I've got the idea it's going to be a big enlightening post full of excitement.  The first reason I've been wanting the iPhone so badly  is because:


Isn't it amazing?!  And don't these layouts and other projects made using the Instagram photos just blow you away?

And yeah- I've even been using it!

Today, after rehearsal, I walked around the front of OKC's beautifully famous CIVIC CENTER MUSIC HALL, and took a picture of the front:

When I was a little stagestuck kid, going to see a show at the CCMH was a majorly big deal.  In the second grade, my Grandma took my brother and me there, to see a national tour of PETER PAN.  At the end of the show, after the curtain call, Peter stepped down front and promised to teach ALL of us how to fly.  My heart could've exploded.  I've always wanted to fly!

Well.  Along with every other hopeful kid in the audience, I followed the instructions carefully.  I bent my arm and put my right thumb into my right armpit- then the same with the left-  then-  FLAP.  And Peter made a chicken noise.  Bawk Bawk Bawk.

Yeah, really funny, weird lady dressed as a boy.  No my heart is broken and all I've got to show for it is a lifetime love of going to the theatre.

Well, that's it- the big reason I bought the phone.  To take pictures using one little free app.

Where the hell was I, ladies and gentlemen?

Oh yeah.  After rehearsal and some rest and some dinner- I headed back out, in search of a new set of Spellbinders, preferably Labels 2.  Or Labels 22.  Or all of them.  It didn't matter, the itch was so bad.

At Michaels, I found a set that interested me.  Labels 18.

And some classy envelopes.

Beautiful, huh?  You might think they're from some classy 'name' company.  Nope.  MAMBI.  Not talking' no trash to MAMBI- but I just don't see much from them-  or know much about them- or find anything I like by them...  Until these beautiful ladies!

I also picked up a 'Seal of Approval' FISKARS punch.  Why?  I don't know.  What can I say, it caught my eye.

And with my purchase (and a brief struggle of explaining WHERE the Spellbinders are and YES it is in stock, I just saw it in the cage WELL DONT LOOK IN THE BACK LOOK IN THE CAGE) the cashier said,  'Your minimum scrapbooking purchase entitles you to a free gift.'

Nice bag!

It looks kinda Tim Holtz.  If Michaels ate him.

But who am I to say anything bad about a free gift?  Some of my best friends are free.



  1. phone you got. I'm jealous... and cool bag and spellbinders. Our Micheal's is the best scrapping store within 20 miles. Good day to your Mom!

  2. Hi Kory and a Happy Mothers Day to your mom!! Yaaaayy welcome to the IPhone clan I've been having my 4S and I love it more and more everyday!!! It's awesome! Love the picture you took, looks amazing, love the spellbinders you got and that free bag? Wow cool stuff! Hope your Sunday is amazing!

    Hugs! Frank

  3. First off I loved Mommy Dearest LOL but she was bat crap crazy. Love those labels and I have that Fiskars punch still in the pack. Nice bag

  4. Hi ya Kory, I just Luv Reading your blog. I read lots but none regular and I just can't wait to see what crazy things you say and have done so I check yours regularly. You make my day. So glad you finally found some Spellbinders you like and hope they give you lots of fun creating with them. I would luv to come to the play review but can't get to OK. Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wish and Hope your day was great too. Keep those crazy posts coming.
    Bless you and yours

    1. Awww, thank you so much!!! That made MY day!


  5. Love the bag, you lucky so and so. I'm a bit of a dinosaur with my brick of a mobile but I'm nearly ready to take the plunge and buy a new one if only so I can send texts a little faster. Plus I'm envious of all the fantastic photos that people take with them. Your work sounds a blast despite the long hours. Only wish I lived closer so I could come and see. Why isn't there someone with such a brilliant blog as yours who lives near me. Have a good week. Px

  6. Don't you LOVE Instagram?!? I freakin' LOVE it!!! :) I have the iPhone 4, but The Hub has the 4S, so he messes with Siri all the time. He asks her all kinds of stupid/silly/gross questions, and it always makes me giggle to hear her response to him ... "I don't understand ..." Anywhoo .... let me know about coming to the play on the 31st, sounds like a like a great time! :)

  7. Hi Kory! Cool picture and awesome bag you got for free!! Congrats on your new phone, too! Hope you have a fantastic week! ~HL

  8. ha loved all your stories, favorite? the bag that ate

  9. Where have you been buddy?!? You should check out my blog post for the day! You are going to die when you see what I found! :)