Monday, August 13, 2012

Talking About Shopping

Doesn't it suck, wandering around a store where you know the inventory like the back of your hand? I hate knowing both every item in a store AND how long it's been there...  

But I LOVE to be surprised when new product shows up!  It's such a good feeling- kinda like a sneeze.  Surprising and feels great.  Did you know that I love to sneeze?  It feels so good.

Yesterday, I had ninety minutes to kill before I had to be at the theatre, downtown, for a production meeting.  And you know what goes through my head when I have more than 25 minutes but less than three hours to kill:  CRAFT SUPPLY SHOPPING!

I headed to 'Good Michaels' on the South side of Oklahoma City.  Why didn't I go to the one closest to me and why do I call the South Michaels location 'the good Michaels?'  Cuz its shelves are usually stocked (more and better) and they put out new product FASTER.  The location nearest me, on North May Avenue, the one I usually call 'Lunch Michaels,' goes through long periods of blank space on shelves and hooks.  Also, they either don't get new product as fast as 'Good Michaels,' or they just take their sweet time putting it out on a hook.  And that makes me crazy.  If one of my friends tells me about the kick-A new thing they just bought at Michaels- and I go- and it isn't out-  I can have a near meltdown.  Yes, that obviously tells you about the problems I clearly have with my mental state.

So, I headed down to 'Good Michaels.'  Used the time on the interstate to honk at people who don't know how to merge from the on-ramp and called my dear sweet MOM!  My nephew answered the phone.  I didn't recognize his voice- he's only just turned 13, but puberty must've hit him like a cartoon sledgehammer.  I immediately thought, "Okay, Mom either got a new cell phone number and forgot to tell me (again) or she's left my Stepfather and has run off with this new man."  No, it's just my nephew. He tells me that my Mom is upstairs.


"Yeah, she's upstairs."


Kids.  They get lazier every day.

What the hell am I talking about?!   Oh yeah.  The hap-haps at Michaels.

First up:  The famous Michaels photo boxes.  On sale for 2.39 each.  Bargain!  I am addicted to these- I have the plain kraft ones for most of my supply storage.  I try to keep things I don't use as often in them- as it's just so much trouble for me to pull a lid off of a box.  But they look great, stacked on a shelf!  Especially if you type labels up on your computer, print them out, cut them to the right size and slide them into the label-holder-thingy.

As I said, I have about eight of the plain kraft ones- as I love kraft and the patterned or colored ones irritated me.  But these caught my eye:

Aren't those classy?  Yeah, I know.  While I am usually against 'travel decor' that depicts places I haven't actually BEEN- I love how Elizabeth Tower looks (read Wikipedia! it be getting/got a name change!).  I love the simple graphic beauty of these boxes!  You know I'd rather walk on my lips than say somethin' mean- but my first thought was, "I'm surprised they didn't screw up the cool simpleness of the design with some neon bubble writing declaring "BIG BEN BIG BEN BIG BEN" all over the sides and background."  Because that so often happens- usually with the dollar stamps.  There will be a stamp with a nice sentiment but "ruined" with a little bee dotting an 'i.'  I always imagine this happens because a designer drew up a nice little stamp and then a dippy executive enters and says, "Hmmm. Too plain.  Add a bee kissing a heart."

But why do I dislike travel themed decor depicting places I've never been?  I think it's because of that huge Eiffel tower trend-  it's mostly died out, from what I can tell, but I still see it gasping for breath amongst Hobby Lobby's decor aisles and discount stores.  It just screamed 'annoying person who can't decorate, buying an Eiffel Tower lamp at Target, then forcing all their friends to come over and see it, while exclaiming nonstop about how they've ALWAYS. LOVED. PARIS. -which, they probably even pronounce as PAIR-EEE."

Anyways- I love these boxes and think they'd even look great standing up on their sides, on a shelf-  just as I posed the boxes for the picture.

I wonder what employees think when they see me rearranging things for photos?  I know they appreciate it when I re-order their shelves and/or move things back to their correct hooks- they've told me thank you a few times.

Next UP!

From about 100 feet, I spot new product.  I don't know if 'spot' is correct, as it's more a sensation-  yes, I SENSE NEW PRODUCT.


I can't remember if I ever told y'all about my sadness over the premiere of the Fiskars FUSE.  I love how the thing looks.  I love the options/ways it can be used.  But the design of their first round of embossing plates and dies just breaks my heart.  Seriously.  It was a sadness much like when the musical SIDE SHOW closed on Broadway.  It's that sad, ladies and gentlemen.  Here is to hoping the next round of designs is much better.  Call me, Fiskars.

So, what was it that made my day?

I finally got Mr. Holtz's TATTERED LEAVES die.  Sometime shortly after 2AM on Sunday morning, I got a 'wild hair up my ass,' as we say in Oklahoma, and wanted the Tattered Leaves die.  I had an idea.  I cursed myself for not buying it ten hours earlier when I glanced at it- then I cursed Michaels for not being open 24 hours, seven days a week.  I forgave them, as they're open on Sundays.  Then, I cursed Hobby Lobby for not being open on Sundays.

Just as I was happy enough to be buying my new die and just as I was finished 'testing' pens out on the roll of paper they have hanging there to do so- I dropped a pen.  When I reached down to get it- a little plastic box of brass heaven caught my eye.

Clearly, I'm not on my knees amongst the brads on a regular basis.  I had never seen these!!!

A little plastic box full of these beautiful brads.  Globes and airplanes.  My day was made, and I swear- I smiled all the way to the cashier- who turned out to be a nice lady I worked with, once long ago!  She let me use the 25% off complete purchase coupon that wasn't supposed to be valid until 4pm AND hugged me.  Now that's service!  I kept on smiling all the way to my meeting.  And that's a story leading to the layout that I'm gonna get to work on- right as soon as I hit 'publish' and pull myself back downstairs.



  1. Great post Kory, my day was pretty blah but your post had me laughing. So thank you very much for brightening my day!

  2. Good Michaels, Lunch Michaels, at least you have a Michaels...we have craft stores the size of postage stamps and you think you know your stores stock inside out, try one this small...I can tell you which row on which stand you can find what colour...and I do go on my knees cos otherwise I would miss something as I am 6ft friend thought I was kidding till I directed her to something over the phone...LOL!

  3. Another freakin' good, finger lickin' post Kory lol. And it's my turn to learn something this time. Love the "wild hair up my ass' expression, I'll start using that as of today. And Elizabeth Tower!!! I haven't even heard of that one. Ignorant of my own heritage lol. Oh and i'm just going to write a note to Mr Holtz to see if I can persuade him to add a buzzy bee with dotted lines to his next collection haha - just to torture you and put you in a dilemma lol. Looking forward to seeing your layout :) Pxx

  4. LMAO @ "Good Michaels" and "Lunch Michaels" - because I usually call them "Ghetto Mikes" and "Lunch Mikes!!!" Too funny!

    OK, I love ya and all, but I take exception to the Eiffel Tower thing. I have, and always will have, a THING about the Eiffel Tower! I don't care if it's in Paris, France, in Las Vegas, or in Paris, Texas - I freakin' LOVE it!!! LMAO And yes, I have lots of the silly HL decor ... but I still love it, and I'm sticking to it. LOL

    I'm going to have to check out the Fuse thing ... I never saw it ... is it something I HAVE to have?? I'll check it out ... and those travel brads are adorable! :)

    You crack me up, as always! :)

  5. Once again, Korybean, you crack me up! I don't know how someone as funny as you isn't performing in a comedy club! Or maybe you are and I just don't know about it. But considering your humor is topical, and I can't see a roomful of paper artists all just happeninig to show up on the same night, it might not be as successful as I imagine! LOL!
    I, too, am dying for the TH Tattered Leaves die! I'm not sure about the Fiskar's Fuse, sometimes I think I want it, then I think of the roomful of tools I already have that I consider using, but then talk myself out of because it's so much trouble to get out of their little storage hideaways. So I talk myself out of buying any more tools that are too big to sit on my craft table full time! Works for me! Lol!
    Hurry up with your new LO! I am always on pins & needles to see anything new you create, you are as talented as you are funny!

  6. LOL you are so funnt Kory, I simply love reading your posts, so funny!!! I love those photo boxes been trying to convince myself that I have enough space to buy 10 of them lol. I want to see your layout!!

    Hugs! Frank