Thursday, August 2, 2012

Call off the search teams, I'm still alive.

I'm sorry.  I haven't abandoned you.  And for those that can't stand me-  I'm sorry,  I haven't abandoned you.

It's 110 degrees here in Oklahoma City.  I may not survive the summer.  I may not survive the week.  The air conditioner at the house BROKE yesterday.  Yes, it is so hot that the HEAT BREAKS AIR CONDITIONERS.  I got home from work yesterday - and coming in from the oven we call 'OKC,' the 85 degree interior of the house felt nice and cool.  My roommate and his cousin were in the den, killing people via video game.  They were complaining about how hot it was, but I thought- well, get out of the room with a giant billboard size TV which emits its own death rays of heat and come into the living room where it's a few degrees cooler. 

The illusion of coolness did not last long.  I sat down at my worktable to finish up a Halloween project.  I love Halloween so much that I started a couple of Halloween projects LAST week.  I finished the first- and love it, but it'll be a bit before I reveal that one.  The second one, that I finished while sitting in an oven, yesterday-  well, it's too cute to save for any amount of time.  I'll be posting all about it, once I get pictures of the finished little guy.  (That was a hint.)

Well.  As I finished up my project through sheets of sweat pouring from my forehead and stinging my eyes, I began to feel weird.  Like a "light-headed, confused, heart pounding WHO AM I?!" kind of weird.  I managed to whisper 'HOTEL' before I passed out.  Yes.  In times of emergencies, I retreat to a hotel- not to an....I don't know- EMERGENCY ROOM?  So, I spent the rest of the evening recovering and rehydrating in the cool 65 degree privacy of a quiet hotel room. 

The good times don't end with a near death experience in an oven, I also found out that my drivers license is expired.  The guy at the hotel's front desk looked at me like a lunatic when it became clear that I had no idea whatsoever that it expired two months ago.  I'm sorry, but isn't it the job of liquor store cashiers and nightclub bouncers to warn me of impending identification expirations?

Oh!  Before I go and while I'm here, I'd like to officially declare the death of the 'vintage bingo card' and share with you some exciting new stencils/templates from those classy hardworkers over at The Crafter's Workshop. 

The Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - Life StripsThe Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - FilmstripsThe Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - Chunky Chevron
The Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - Life Numbers
The Crafter's Workshop - 12 x 12 Doodling Templates - Chevron Arrows

Now if those (or my awkward formatting) don't inspire you to greatness, I don't know what will do the job.  I'll be back soon with more excitement!  And by soon, I mean soon.  Not a week.  Promise.  Swear on a stack of hotel bibles.  They're all available over at the SUPAH-STORE at  Pick up a few or pick up them all, and while you're at it, pick up a few for me.  I'll pay you back with cocktails and jokes.  Don't worry, I'm good for it.



  1. You need to find a cellar somewhere and lie naked in a bath of ice cubes. Oh and take a photo whilst you're at it haha. Hope it cools down soon for you. I wouldn't be able to cope at all. I'm a grey, cloudy day kinda person. I'm the Goldilocks of weather - don't like it too cold or too hot. Those Stencils are fabulous, I want them ALL. If you wish to send me a blank cheque, don't hold back haha. Pxx

  2. LOL Glad you are back.. sorry about the oven.. hate that!! Its hot here.. but not THAT hot! Looking forward to more posting.. unless of course you get that strange feeling again ...

  3. That's Hott and not in the good way!!

  4. omgosh, I sympathize,,,,if my AC is going to break, it's going to break in August,,,,,in Florida (knock wood),,,two years ago, we had to replace it,,,,in August,,,,NO AC FOR NINE DAYS! Thank GOD I worked at a hotel (yeah, front desk LOL) then and got a good rate on a room,,,I think they wanted to make sure I didn't melt and forget to show up to work,,,,,,,,glad you're back, and I can't wait to see your surprise!

  5. Oh Kory, I feel you, I hate the heat so much! BUT I really hope you get some cool weather soon! Big Cool Hugs for you! Love those stencils they are a must have!

    Hugs! Frank

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