Monday, August 27, 2012

a day off ... and: CKC / Tulsa purchases!!!

The show that I'm stage managing opens THIS Friday night!!!  We had a technical rehearsal that lasted until a little past 11pm, last night.  What's a technical rehearsal?  In English, "technical rehearsal" translates to "pure living hell."  Want to punish a misbehaving child?  Send them to me, I'll make them sit next to me as we run light cues while stopping and starting a rehearsal FOR TEN HOURS.  They will never misbehave again...

But TODAY - ladies and gentlemen - I have had a day off...

It's been so so nice.

How did I manage a day off when the show opens on FRIDAY?  Because the rented sound system is being delivered, installed and tested.  And I don't know nothin' bout installing or testing no sound systems!

SO:  I thought I would use this moment to share with you MY CKC / TULSA SHOPPING HAUL!

I know you've been holding your breath.  Haha.

But I love seeing what people buy.  Why?  No idea.  And I love sharing.  Because you never know, I might be stuck and ask for advice and one of you lovely people with good memories might say, "Kory! Grab those classy embellishments you scored at CKC!"

Take a look at these classy alpha stickers and ... other sticker-y fun!

Classy embellishments- lots of the hit "9 to 5" collection from October Afternoon, the kickass wood cameras from Studio Calico that everybody and their mom are stickin' on stuff AND those very cool letter tiles...

A plastic bag of Tim Holtz 'singles,' and other randomness AND some fun brads- sock monkeys, robots, gears, taxi cabs.  Sock monkey ribbon and mustache ribbon!  (The sock monkey brads and the matching ribbon and mustache ribbon were gifts from Darla!)

Can't forget the PAPER!  Tons of papers!  Most of it from Studio Calico and My Mind's Eye...for a quarter a sheet!  You couldn't beat that deal with one of Joan's wire hangers!  A couple of small pads.  Some neato twill chevron ribbon.

And OF COURSE: the TAPE!  I had to fight myself to keep from buying one of every roll that I stumbled upon... and when I say fight, I mean fight.  Even the ugly rolls tried to jump into my hand.

And the best part about CKC?  Apart from buying all the cool stuff?  I got in for FREE!  Yes!  For FREE- mynsecond favorite four letter 'F' word.  When I approached the woman selling tickets, she glanced at me, handed me a wristband and said, 'Oh, you don't hafta pay, honey.'   I guess she assumed me to be an uninterested man who was there against me will.   Sadly, somdid many ofmthe women inside the convention- as they pushed past me, grabbed things I was reaching for as if my uninterested was keeping them from picking the item up and made annoying noises as if I was the one taking up valuable space.  I almost said something rather rude to one nasty person who kept hitting me with a giant bag- but then I realized it was her ass.   Not every person was nasty, tho- one fun lady that started talking with me as we dug thru a mountain of paper began declaring, to the crowd, that she was taking me home to marry her daughter.

So that's it for my CKC shopping excitement.  I loved it.  And Tanya and Darla made the best CKCompanions.  It better be a tradition from now on, ladies!

See you soon with MORE Halloween excitement!



  1. Very cool buy Kory! I was in the darma club in high school. For about a year and half. On the tech crew I also help with lights, painting, building etc... I even spot lighted two shows. It was cool it was scary being up in the catwalk but fun at the sametime. I quit because of personal reason. Now looking back wish I would have stuck with it. But I think what you are doing is different from "silly high school" plays. But it was eye opener for me to learn without alot of the behind scene people broadway shows, plays even tv shows and movies. Won't run well, lol. Hope your weekend gone well.

  2. Wow, looks like you went on a crazy trolley-dash ;D Love it all!

  3. Good luck with opening night! And I love when you share your purchases on here. You're right, I don't know why but I love to see what others have bought. I want to steal all your washi tape though!!! Good job I don't live near you haha. Especially the film strip design. Pxx

    1. Good LUCK?!?! Paul! When the set collapses and injures the actors and the light board erases all the cues, I WILL BLAME YOU!!!

  4. Awesome buys... And I love seeing what other people buy.. its like window shopping and you see what you might want! LOL Funny they just assume you weren't interested.. how sad is that LOL

  5. I had SO MUCH FUN at CKC with you!!!! :) Already wishing there was another nearby we could trek too! :)

  6. Great finds! Love that film strip washi. I wouldn't be able to pass that up! I too like when people share what they bought, makes me feel less guilty about my own purchases. :)

  7. SCORE on the free admission. I guess being a guy scrapper has all the perks. *sniff, sniff* Glad you had a great time... and I have a tape addiction, too.

  8. Wow; got in free and found a wife! Besides all those neat items you bought. I love the CKC's and have two months before it's our turn.

  9. Oh I absolutely LOVE these! Gorgeous!!