Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Santa...

While running thirty-six minutes late for work this morning, I started thinking about Christmas.  As we do at this time of the year. 

When I was a classy little kid, I made the best Christmas lists.  I had some software (remember when we called it SOFTWARE) called The Newsroom Pro for my DOS (remember DOS?!) computer.  For a good laugh- check out these screenshots I found when I searched for proof of my Newsroom Pro memories.  I mostly used The Newsroom to create crazily offensive and libelous newspapers to pass out at school, because I loved trips to the Principal's office.  However, when December rolled around, I stopped writing up accounts of what teacher was caught with what teacher in what room by what janitor and began making up my CHRISTMAS LIST.  In the style of a newspaper. 

To make a long story short, I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas list.

Some of the things I put on the list don't exist, I just wish someone would make them FOR me.  Yes, I'll be playing 'Creative Director,' for a bit.  Some of the things might exist and I don't know it- so if you say, "But Kory!  You CAN get that!"  And if you tell me where, I'd be so excited.  And some of it, it's just product I've seen online and obsess over, wishing I could make myself place an order.

1)  A "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" rubber stamp and craft set.  Complete with a Jane stamp, a Blanche in her wheelchair stamp, a rat on a plate stamp and a two text stamps:  one that reads, "But y'are in that chair, Blanche!" and one that reads, "You mean all these years we could've been friends?!"  And a roll of washi tape printed with the sheet music for "I've Written A Letter To Daddy."

2)  A year of Studio Calico monthly kits.

3)  A "BAD SEED" rubber stamp kit.  One stamp: a close of little Rhoda making crazy eyes.  A stamp of Rhoda making one of her 'perfect curtsies.'  And a text stamp that says, "YOU GIVE ME BACK MY SHOES!"

4)  A Silhouette Cameo.  And someone to teach me how to use it.  I'm not kidding.  It took me forever to figure out my Cricut Expression 2.

5)  A Box Of Wine A Week Club.  I prefer Franzia's Crisp White.  I'm not proud or fancy.

So that's that.  My Christmas list.  It's PayDay Friday, too- so I'm a little more cheerful than usual.  Because it makes me so happy to pay bills.

Oh! Oh!  To make a "PayDay Friday" even BETTER- guess what the mailroom just delivered to me?!  A PRESENT!  I recently won a prize from Shelly Hickox, at her blog, Stamptramp.  Isn't that one of the greatest blog names ever?  I know.  She even WRAPPED the prizes and included one of her beautiful and genius tags.

I can't say thank you well enough or enough.  This is the only wrapped present (and possibly the only present) that I'll get for Christmas- so I'm doubly touched and ... just very thankful.  Thank you so so much, Shelly!!!  The tag is beautiful (beyond belief- you should see what it does when it opens) and I am gonna make something with the dies when I gets home!



  1. Congrats on your win Kory. Love your Xmas list, some great ideas there - maybe you should pitch 'em to a craft company :) Esp the Baby Jane idea. I'd def go for those too. Pxx

  2. Yay! So glad it got there before Christmas! You might be the only person getting a wrapped gift from me if I don't get it together. :)

    I love your list. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day!

  3. Congrats on the win Kory!

    I wish you everything on your list......but then, I'm not Santa. I just do the best I can.

  4. I love your list...Baby Jane and The Bad Seed stamps! You crack me up! Surely Santa will bring these for you! You are a rockstar and I hope Santa brings you all that you ask for and even more! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love your list Kory! The Silhouette Cameo not that hard to follow if you read the direction that come with the machine or view youtube videos ;) I'm still figure it out the machine but enjoying it. I like to give myself a challenge to figure out myself. Congrats on the win and can't wait to see more stuff from the creative but very handsome crafty guy that you are. Have a good weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Kory. Thanks for the link to my Newsroom Pro screenshots. I hope it helped rekindle some fond memories. Merry Christmas!