Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday: A card!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

You know what Sunday is-  MATINEE DAY.  

As I went out with the sound designer for much needed drinks after last night's show, I didn't just spring out of bed this morning, ready to do the show.  I did somehow manage to drag myself downtown in time- and guess what?  Somebody up above must have decided to do me a favor and give me a break- we had the smoothest running performance EVER.  It was such a nice break from all the issues and problems that have been attacking us every night!  Finally, the drama was onstage, where it belongs!

I'm here, today, to share a card that I made with one of my favorite stamps from Stampotique/Daniel Torrente.  I love his stamps!!!  They're so fun!

Isn't that cutest little creepy guy?

I used some kraft cardstock, the ever-trusty Vintage Photo Distress Ink and Hobby Lobby's knockoff Tim Holtz style gears.  Hobby Lobby's gears are VERY thin and cheap feeling-  I'm kind of conflicted, they look kinda cool, but they feel so cheap.  But they are very thin and lightweight, so they work well on cards.

I grabbed a few random bits out of my scrap-pile.  A piece of Kraft Funday border, a strip of cardstock I'd embossed using the new Stencil embossing folder from Mr. Holtz, a bit of stamped chevron graphic-  everything just jumped out of at me and ended up on the card.

Wanna see it?  Here it go!

I love that little guy!  And these stamps are addictive.  I want them ALL.

I colored him with a few Distress Markers.  Do you have any yet?  They are fantastic!

Alright.  I'm out- it's Sunday evening in a few minutes and I need to rest and relax and clear what's left of my foggy mind!  Have the best Monday possible, tomorrow!



  1. Cute card, but those stamps do scare me. Although the one of the lady with the umbrella does make me laugh.

  2. The stamp is creepy but nice card.Love the "I love you" stamp.

  3. I wish I was actually using my degree and working in theatre. Maybe someday, right? Anyway, your little creepy dude is SUPER adorable!

  4. Glad the show went well! Love your fun!! It was so sweet of you to make it for me! lol


  5. oh I like how you turned him into a gear head!

  6. Fantastic Kory! I love how you used the gears, the stamp is fantastic my friend! I love, love, love this! Gorgeous!

  7. Fabulous Stamp and Fabulous Card. I found a new vendor for weird stamps and will be happy to share. My addiction for wacky stamps keeps growing and growing. Same for you?

  8. Ahh how many times in my younger days did I sit in a pub and whisper to my friends, "isn't that the cutest creepiest guy over there" haha. I know what you mean about wanting ALL those stamps. Me too. Just need to find a rich kindly uncle figure who'll shower me with such gifts. Love the card, so sweet, especially with the "I love you" sentiment. Hope you had a good night out. Pxx