Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Non-Traditional CraftRoom Storage and Workspace

I really didn't know how to title this post-  'Non-Traditional CraftRoom Storage and Workspace' was the best I could come up with-  because, basically- that's what this post is about-  storage and work surfaces from stores you don't usually think of when you think something like, "Where am I gonna obsessively sort and line up all the bottles of Dylusions?!"

If you're anything like me, the next best thing to blowing your paycheck on every new item fresh out of CHA is taking all the new product home and 'PROCESSING' it...  You know what I mean- to 'process' your new craft supplies-  you take off the price tags if they're covering up the nice packaging art, you remove any plastic shrink wrap from paint bottles/mists so that they're ready to go when you're in a rush of inspiration, you keep the embellishments in their packaging but sort and organize them into their appropriate storage area... That's PROCESSING! 

But sometimes, when you buy a bunch of new product, you decide it's just too purty to go into that old Dollar Tree bin and you need to upgrade to a bin from Dollar General.  Or, if it was a Kory-style shopping binge, you just need MORE STORAGE.

SO: Where to get great storage?  At Michaels, their beautiful, all-white storage bins look great- but even buying one section a day with your 40% off coupon (if they're not already ALL 40% off, that is) it's still going to take a dent (or obliterate) your crafting and entertainment and pharmaceutical budgets, combined!

I know it is not a BRIGHT NEW IDEA to pick up storage or storage ideas from non-craft related shops- but still, I'd like to share with you some of the great ideas that I've come up with or come across-

First up- the spinning and organizing wonder that's taken the craft world by storm:  Harbor Freight's Revolving Four Tray Bin .

This curvaceous beauty probably caused quite a bit of wonder to Harbor Freight, once it hit Pinterest and crafters descended on bewildered employees, crying, "WHERE IS THAT BIG CHEAP SPINNY CRAFT THINGYYYYY?!"

They only had one left on the floor when I made my trip to Harbor Freight.  They were also confused as to why they were almost all gone.  Luckily, a helpful employee found one in back for me.  And let me add- this helpful employee was a woman.  The first employee I asked, a man, sort of grunted and scratched half of his body before telling me, "If it ain't there then we're out." 

Luckily, I remembered my Mom's helpful advice, "If you really need something done, ask a lady." 

If you're not happy with the black steel color, as I am, you could always do what many other great scrappers have done and cover it with different washi tapes! 

Here's the now famous spinning rack in my craft room, in a very rare clean and fairly organized state:

How handy is that rack?!?!  I know, I know.  See that giant Martha Stewart cutting mat, under my nonstick craft sheet?  I found that at Big Lots for 3.99.  I saw it in Michaels, later, for over fifty bucks. 

Speaking of my own craftroom organizational work, let me introduce you to my pegboard.  Not just any pegboard, but the less than ten bucks pegboard.

Growing up, my genius and very artistic father had an incredible workshop and woodshop- filled with every tool and machine you could imagine- and everything was organized in labeled bins and walls of pegboard with a hook for everything.  So I've always had a love for pegboard.  It just looks so damn sexy when things are hanging from hooks.  It looks even sexier if you have enough pegboard to hang new product from- so that after a few cocktails, you can gaze through a boozy fog and pretend you're standing in the middle of your very own scrap STORE and then the doorbell rings and you don't remember ordering more product-  okay, sorry, enough of my sick and twisted fantasies.

How'd I make the pegboard?  I went to Lowe's.  I picked out the pegboard and found pre-cut 1x1 boards that were of the same measurements as my board.  Once I got home, I nailed (with tiny black nails) the pegboard to the 1x1s, to provide both stability and a surface to attach hanging hardware.  When I was done attaching the board to its 'frame,' I decided that, until I make two more pegboards, I'll just lean it against my wall.  It's secure enough, so I'm fine with that until I'm able to complete my 'triptych of pegboard organizational wonder.'

There's some close-up 'action shots!'  See that collection of roller date-stamps?  That's sick, isn't it?  Just plain sickening.

What are some other hot items, you ask? 

There's the RASKOG from Ikea.  You've probably seen it pop up on a few blogs.  It's hot.

Another thing from Ikea, that I spotted and thought would make a TERRIFIC workspace surface, especially for someone with limited room that needs all the space they can steal- the VIKA VEINE:

The top lifts up!  Space to work on and space to store AND/OR work on- you pick!  The VIKA VEINE is priced at 79.00. 

Back to HARBOR FREIGHT, now, for what is probably my favorite of all and the one worktable that's sure to end up in my space, ASAP IF NOT SOONER.  Check out this wonder:

Classy, huh?  PEGBOARD!  LIGHT! TWO DRAWERS! STORAGE SHELF UNDERNEATH AND TOP!!  Most of all, the biggest turn-on:

OUTLETS!  Perfect for your heat gun, your iron, electric die cutter- whatever, I'm sure you can imagine what an outlet could be used for- but, the possibilities!!!  Best of all, it's 99.99.  And Harbor Freight often has coupons and sales that can make you weak in the knees.  If you're into that kinda thing.

Another worktable option, which I spotted in a coworker's catalog this morning, The 'Outdoor Multipurpose Bench,' from GINNY'S.

This one has plenty of flat storage surfaces, looks lightweight enough visually- and isn't too bulky.  Also, I hear it's sturdy.  AND- check out the built in paper-towel holder!  It's a bit more expensive than the others, at 159.95.  Who knows, maybe it'll go on discount or maybe you just don't care- but you can see more at Ginny's.

Well, that's it for what I've got- what about you?  Seen anything I need to know about?  Let me know!

-kory k


  1. Some excellent & cool storage ideas there Kory. Love the twirly tray but most of all I'm giddy over the idea of the peg board. i haven't seen one of them in years. It would be perfect in my craft room. I'll now be on the lookout. it'll be just my luck that the UK doesn't do them anymore. I'll be off down the hardware store this weekend :) Pxx

  2. Hi Kory, I've just shot of an email to find out the cost of shipping to the UK - if it's do-able, I'll be ordering one of those twirly tray things :) I'll let you know how I get on. Elizabeth

  3. Hmm... it's 9:45. I wonder if Harbor Freight is still open... lovely!

  4. I have the twirly tray! Spray painted it aqua just like the one on Pinterest - I'm so original. Your space is frighteningly tidy. You would die if you saw mine. I mean, literally, you might die...from like, tetanus or diptheria or something.

  5. Very cool idea for storage space. I really like that blue desk with the pegboard and light. I know if I had my own art room space. That would end up in my room for sure.

  6. I love my twirly craft thingy... but now I want to cover it with washi tape.

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