Monday, September 24, 2012

A Very Dollar Tree Halloween

I know- I say it all the time.  This just might be the thousandth time I've said it- but I'ma say it again:  I LOVE HALLOWEEN! 

And I love the Dollar Tree.

Halloween and the Dee-Tee.  What's there not to be happy about?  Yeah, it's passing eight-two degrees outside and heading towards ninety, outdoors.  Global warming isn't real, my ass.  Why, I remember when I was fourteen years old and it was COLD by October 1. 

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah!  This year's exciting "Kory K's Dee-Tee Halloween Crafts Spectacular!"   Hmmm.  Maybe I should call it a "Spooktacular," since I'm going to cliche retro obviousness.  Ha.  You know, in the way, at Easter, someone always calls something "EGGS-CITING!" 

I don't think I had my blog o' fun last Halloween- so I thought I'd start off with a project I did LAST year and posted to my gallery over at 

What was it?  Well- CHECK IT OUT!

I made the photo collage up there with the terrific app for iPad- ScrapPad.  I love that app-  get it!  But if it doesn't explain it all to you- I'll tell you a little bit more:

I bought one of the little 'Christmas Houses' from the Dollar Tree - and with the help of some fitty cent acrylic paints, turned it into an adorable little Haunted Crackhouse!

If you'd like to try it yourself- it's pretty basic-  just use brown and black paints to darken it up and scarify the place.  (I recommend using your finger to rub the paint on and around to get the best effects- paintbrushes are for classy people like Thomas Kincaid, may he rest in peace.)  ((But you might need a paintbrush for little areas.))

I might do another this year-  I need a HALLOWEEN VILLAGE! 



  1. Kory-sheer genius!! and I just gotta question- how do you write exactly how I talk??? Did we know each other in anutha life lol????

    ps-the Queen is pinning this as we speak :)

    1. Actually, your highness, I write how I talk- so we must speak the SAME! Which must be why we bonded so fast- did we grow up on the same street?!


  2. Kory, you and the haunted crackhouse are a scream. I want to see the village!

  3. Love it Kory!!! This would look perfect sitting amongst my Dept 56 Halloween Village!!!!!

  4. Really cool Kory! I bet Hollween is your favorite Holiday?

  5. Love these kinds of projects where you take an inexpensive find and alter it into a creation which is awesome!!! Hope you add to your halloween village cos I wanna see more :) Px

  6. Great idea Kory. And you did a great job redecorating the exterior.

  7. love, love, love it Kory...super cute